Ivaco Rolling Mills offers a wide variety of hot rolled wire rod and continuous cast billets. Our products are engineered to endure the most demanding applications in the industry, and are clearly recognized for their high quality and reliability. The dynamic relationship between our rod mill and steel plant has been instrumental in perfecting product performance.


Rod Mill

With an annual capacity of approximately 900,000 tons, Ivaco Rolling Mills produces a wide variety of grades of which over 80% are destined for sophisticated high carbon, cold heading and weld applications. Supported by both EAF (electric arc furnace) and BOF (basic oxygen furnace) sourced billets, we are well positioned to satisfy the evolving needs of our customers. Reducing - sizing mills on both strands provide exceptional size control, tensile uniformity and mechanical descalability ensuring optimal quality. 

Our current grade & size matrix is illustrated in the guidelines below, however Ivaco Rolling Mills remains committed to developing new products in conjunction with customer needs.  


Diameter Range: 4.75mm to 25.5mm - Please see our rolling schedule.
Diameter Tolerances: AISI - Half Tolerance may be available upon request.
Mechanical Properties: We produce to ASTM Standards and/or customer specifications.
Scale: Surface scale suitable for either chemical or mechanical descaling.
Grain Types: Silicon-killed coarse grain (SKCG), Aluminum-killed fine grain (AKFG), Aluminum or Vanadium-treated grain refined (SKFG). 
Coil Parameters


Steel Mill

The EAF (electric arc furnace) supplies the rod mill with over 50% of its annual billet consumption. The four strand, 75 ton heat casting capacity allows for added flexibility in producing a wide variety of customized grades. Recent upgrades to the steel plant have led to significant improvements in both efficiency and productivity, while improving our reputable quality. Our certified metallurgical laboratory was the first steelmaking facility in the world to be registered by NVLAP in accordance to the Fastener Quality Act. 


Ivaco Rolling Mills has established a dynamic, flexible framework for the on-going evolution of our product lines. The integration of new technologies accompanied by an innovative and determined workforce will be instrumental in attaining continued growth.